Inner City Hues

Public art for the community, by the community.


Supporting Art and Innovation.

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As the art collective, acerbic, Donald Black Jr., Gabriel Gonzalez, and Ali McClain create work that offers a view into their experience as people and artists of color. Emerging from a process of research, their work often addresses structural forms of racism, violence, and discrimination that affect Cleveland's urban neighborhoods.Acerbic produces powerful work of art that addresses multiple adversities that people of color face on a daily basis.

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Shooting Without Bullets

Shooting Without Bullets is an arts-based program that employs photography and hip-hop performance as a tool of direct action to combat social injustices that affect black and brown teens in Cleveland.

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Derin Fletcher

Derin Fletcher is a multifaceted artist who highlights the beauty and power of women of color. Her life experiences and passion for music are the driving forces behind her creative vision and artistic interpretations.

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Mister Soul

Kevin "mr.soul" Harp is a full time freelance Graphic Artist, who specializes in cutting edge design and illustration that fuses the energy and style urban, Hip-Hop culture with a clean, corporate styled presentation.

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Art & Soul:

Enriching Public Spaces through Local Arts Engagement.Tomorrow’s leaders.

Inner City Hues’ aim is to build a platform that empowers local artists, residents, and community stakeholders in the creation of culturally relevant and visually engaging art which authentically reflects the voice and identity of the greater Buckeye and Mt. Pleasant communities in Cleveland.

The ultimate goal is to create awareness and help facilitate a collaborative of local artists in order to generate greater and more equitable access to arts resources and investment opportunities. Inner city Hues is a project that sheds a light on local artist and pushes the importance of public art in the community.

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Change through art and storytelling.

In many ways, art is the visual manifestation of the narratives that a neighborhood projects to an audience at large. Inner City Hues strives to inspire and facilitate conversation and participation within the neighborhoods where this art is being generated. Storytelling is a key ingredient in both giving voice to and capturing the ideals and values of a community. The purpose of this project is to enliven a commercial corridor by creating visual and cultural vibrancy while reflecting the neighborhood’s voice and identity.

We strive to create both a model, and a platform for community participation and dialogue in public art planning and implementation. It is important to build a collaborative of local artists in order to generate greater and more equitable access to arts resources and investment opportunities.