Shooting Without Bullets (SWB) program assists youth as they process complex social problems they experience, including racial inequality and police encounters and provides an expressive platform for them to inform and impact juvenile justice related reform. In pursuance of centralizing the voices of young people, we curate pop-up art exhibitions that highlight the experiences of teens silenced in public decision-making processes. We have had successful exhibitions and collaborations with The East Cleveland Public Library, Spaces Galley, and The Cleveland Print Room. Our documentary short UNDEREXPOSED, which chronicles the lives of ten teen artists as they find solace in artmaking and performing as members of SWB, is also on loop on the western façade of the Cleveland Institute of Art.



Whereas SWB is an emerging boutique arts-education program for black teens in Cleveland and whereas our photographs depict the complexities of inner-city living in Cleveland, it is essential that they are observed outside of the four walls of galleries and are experienced in their essence, on the streets. Street art is vital to shaping community identity and empowers disadvantaged groups to question public policy issues relevant to their communities.