I plan to come up with a concept that radiates with positivity. I desire to create art that not only inspires my community, but the communities surrounding it as well. I strive to be the person to our youth today, that I needed at a young age when I was also a “flea trapped in a jar”. I was fortunate enough to come across people and opportunities that “removed the lid” and helped guide me toward my purpose. And, through my art, I aim to do the very same.

For this project, I would look solely to the community for inspiration of the design and implementation. In the midst of negativity and destruction that our communities face every day, I would narrow in on the positivity and artistically bring it to life. Ideally, I want to create more than just a mural. As a community, through creativity, I want us to remove the lids from the jars of those who may be feeling trapped.

Together, we could hopefully leave behind an inspirational piece of art that encourages our neighbors to keep “leaping” no matter how many times they are knocked back down.