Our Vision

Inner City Hues is not just a website. It is a Platform.



This platform is designed to shine a light on artists residing in Cleveland’s eastside while underlining the importance of fostering artistic expression among our communities. It is a platform that showcases powerful artwork, collaborative community engagement, and relevant arts-based events. Inner City Hues is a collaborative project intended to bring visual art to existing surfaces, buildings, vacant walls and abandoned properties primarily along the Buckeye Road and Kinsman Road commercial corridors.

The project matches a local artist with one of these properties. The artist will work in collaboration with the project team consisting of partner arts, foundation, and community organizations, businesses, property owners, community stakeholders and residents to conceptualize, design, and deliver a public art installation at the chosen location.








The goal of this project is threefold:

1) To enliven a commercial corridor by creating visual and cultural vibrancy while reflecting the neighborhood’s voice and identity

2) To create both a model and a platform for community participation and dialogue in public art planning and implementation

3) To build a network/collaborative of local artists in order to generate greater and more equitable access to arts resources and investment opportunities




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